August 28, 2014

Autumn Outfits

W&D Bridge & Burn Editorial_163 by wit_and_delight, via Flickr

Fall Fashion Style With J Crew Schoolboy Blazer  #side #blazer

preppy fall look

Carly Heitlinger, 'The College Prepster'. © Fred Castleberry, 'Unabashedly Prep'. |

Here are some of my favorite posts from my Pinterst board Autumn.

What are your favorite Autumn outfits?

Have a lovely day!

August 26, 2014

TTT: An insight into Synesthesia

When I was around twelve years old I read a book called "A Mango Shaped Space", which was about a girl with synesthesia, a phenomenom in which you connect colors with shapes or letters, or both, and the experience of losing her cat, Mango. It was heartbreaking but at the same time totally interesting, hearing for the first time about that amazing thing which is synesthesia. Later on in my course of studies in school, in my Theory of Knowledge class, I learned about perception and was even further fascinated about this phenomenom. Daniel Tammet illustrates how a synesthetic person sees the world and it's beyond ashtonishing. Hope you enjoy the talk!

August 25, 2014

Favorite Instagrammers

Lately I haven't had any time for anything. Between university and work, I can hardly find any time to meet with friends or even have a relaxed dinner with my roomie. Days fly through and all I see myself do is write more and more appointments on my agenda for the upcoming months, which I know will come in the blink of an eye. On Saturday I recieved the letter of acceptancce from the Technical University of Berlin (yay me!) for Civil Engineering, so it's official! Then I realized that I have to do a thousand things before certain due dates in order to be fully enrolled at the Uni, which could only mean very little sleep and a lot of stress. So I'm asking myself, how am I employing my time?

First of all, mornings are the most important ritual for me. I get up one hour earlier than what I usually need to get ready because I love to have slow mornings in which I can slowly sip my coffee and eat breakfast without almost choking on the Müsli because I'd be late. Mornings are the key. That's why I try to look at my phone as little as possible: because once I open Instagram, I won't stop for at least 20 minutes which will not come back. However, lately I've been so detached from my phone and social media, that I feel like I need an inspiration kick.

Here are some of my favorite Instagram Accounts, for those of you missing some inspo source. Have a lovely week!

August 22, 2014

A girl can never have too many shoes

Sale find in Deichmann! These leather loafers were the last ones in my size, costing only 13€. What a great way to start the weekend.

Schnäppchen bei Deichmann! Diese Lederslipper waren die letzte und in meiner Größe und haben nur 13€ gekostet! Ich muss dazu sagen, dass ich mit Deichmann nur positive Erfahrungen gehabt habe, und mich immer auf die Sales freue.So fängt mas das Wochenende an :)

An afternoon at the Berlin Zoo

I finally get a break from the University! In order to write a test, we have to gather at least 50% in our homework marks, which we did, so we can now finally relax a little bit about the hustle of turning in homework every day. 

My days have been pretty much the same: wake up at 6 am, have a slow morning (I love those), go to the lecture from 9 until 11, have lunch and do a little bit of homework, and then come back home to study a little bit more and maybe cook some with friends. On the weekends, the job is calling, both Saturday and Sunday.

I had friends over this week vising around in Berlin. I was not able to join them in their Berlin tour, which was most wonderful including museums and musicals, but I did manage to fit a visit to the Zoo on Monday. Actually, this was my first Zoo visit as an adult. I remember going to a Zoo in Colombia when I was around eight years old, but I do not really recall all the details. Just the elephants!

This will probably one of the two times in my adult life in which I'll go to a zoo, for I do not support the caging of animals. I enjoyed my time in there, but I the space was way too small, specially for the big predators like the lion/lioness cage and the jaguar cages.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Have a lovely weekend!

August 21, 2014

New In!

I ordered shoes just in time for the cold avalanche we're having in Berlin. The weather is most funny these days: I wake up to 10 degrees in the morning and walk out of the university with 23. That means either I freeze in the mornings or I roast myself in the afternoons. I go for the latter. I've been considering buying boat shoes (Sperrys, Timberlands?) for the upcoming semester, but then I saw these shoes in JustFab and I couldn't resist them!

August 13, 2014

Uni outfits

Shirt | Zara
Jeans | Zara
Cardigan | H&M
Belt | Mango
Flats | H&M

Shirt | H&M
Jeans | Zara
Flats | Zara
Belt | Mango
Bag | Longchamp

Summer's over, and its end serves as entrance to the most marvellous time of the year: autumn. The falling leaves, the yellow and red roads... it's like a second spring, but better! Looking at the forecast for this week, it seems that jeans are strictly required from now on (goodbye summer shorts!). This might be an unpopular opinion, but I can't wait for the leaves to fall and the winds to turn cold. Pullovers and knit are the most comfortable pieces ever! Although I'm a summer kid, having known only summer for 18 years, I must say I'm slowly falling in love with the cold weathers.

My weekdays are uni all day (and all night too for that's all I think about) and weekeds at work. There's no rest for poor Andy! The only way to get me through is to sleep early and pray every night "Work hard, play harder."

Currently reading: Emma by Jane Austen

August 3, 2014

The early bird catches the worm

I survived the first week. Phew! It was a mixture between anxiety and ease. The former because Uni is a change so big in which I'll basically shape my future, and the latter because I've been in campus for one year now, so not everything is completely new. Just the Math Building, which is completely depressing (where are the colors?!) A small recap from this week through my (almost forgotten) phone.

August 1, 2014

Be free

For the past couple of days I've been thinking about the changes I want to make in my life. I'm starting a new chapter in October in which I definitely want to live life at its fullest: go out to university parties, meet people from around the world and learn all I can to be a great professional. But I also want to get to know myself better in the way and make changes to be my better self, or what I think my better self would be. Sometimes I think about the personality traits I'd like to see in others. How I don't like it when one person does this or another person does the other, but then I realize I do the exact same things. And that's precisely the point of it. How do I want to see this change in the world, when I don't change myself first? This reminds me of a quote painted on the Berlin Wall in the East Side Gallery. "Many small people who in many small places do many small things can alter the face of the world."

So I've drawn up a list of the things I want to change in myself to be my better self. It was not an easy thing to do because you have to face being something you hate, or disliking yourself in some way, nonetheless the first step to change an aspect of any thing is to acknowledge its existance.


Cellphone addiction 
It's nerve-racking. I hate the fact that I'm tied to a machine and I can't have a full day without having to answer Whatapp and feeling the need to check the social networks. You'll find this ironic since I run a blog, but I don't blog because I want to reach a kind of "blogger fame", instead I want to share my thoughts and finds with people. And I'm really thrillled about the fact that actual people read me as I imagine other bloggers feel when they see their audience grow. But there's another part of me that rejects the need to network and finds amusement in talking to real people in real life. On the other hand, I need Whatsapp to comunicate with my family on the other side of the globe. So there's the duality on the usage of social networks: you need them but at the same time you don't really need them. Instagram? Snapchat? Twittter? Facebook? Google Plus? What should go and what should stay?

Short attention span
When I find myself surfing the internet, I can't read a whole article without skipping parts and trying to get to the point of it, but then I bore myself and go onto another website. I can't hold my attention for much longer anymore. Same goes while reading a book. There are times in which I can't read a page without making a pause to check my cellphone or do something else, and this interrupts my reading and learning process. Somewhere (I owe you the source) I read that an arts teacher at an american university did the experiment to make his studentss stare at two paintings for three hours. I know for sure I would lose my concentration after five minutes. But the results of that experiment were a longer attention span and an eye to details that improved their performance and their perspicacy while analysing paintings. It makes you think about how now we find so many sources of distraction that we cannot concentrate on one, and we multitask so much to the  point of not being able to accomplish everything completely or to a high standard of quality.

Overworrying, Overanalysing
When it comes to people, I try to analyse them in order to find their traits and determine their characteristics. For some reason I'm amused in that, and sometimes that doesn't go as bad as other times does go. From time to time I find myself obsessing about psychological analysis and I start seeing things that are not there, things I want to see but that are not. Then comes the nervousness. I start biting my lips too much so that I end up with pretty horrible scars, I start being overly anxious and my heart skips too many beats for my health being. I think I'm experiencing something like that right now and I need to stop doing that.

Makeup and hair routine
As much as I like the girly routine of doing your makeup and hair, I want to feel comfortable in my own skin, showing my natural locks and wearing no makeup for the sake of a healthy and chemical-free skin. But I haven't reached that point (yet.) I really admire people that do not wear makeup and that feel comfortable just as they are, and I have it in my bucket list to reach that point sometime in my life.

Ideally, I'm an advocate of living life as naturally and peacefully as one can, thanking for the given things and not envying the things of others. I also reject consumerism, greed and the actual state of capitalism, which widens each year the gap between the rich and the poor, and almost doesn't allow poor people a chance of well-being. Sadly, as much as I hate to admit, I'm a follower of the consumer trend. I almost faint when entering a stationery shop, or going through all the clothing stores, buying innecesary things. That's something I want to change, but it'll be a difficult and slow change, for sure.

Be the change you want to see in the world