January 31, 2015

Early birthday present

Because early birthday presents are always a good idea (specially when you get 16€ off!)

Clinique custom-repair serum

January 15, 2015

Lush Love

Today I want to talk about probably one of the most important conversation topics among girls: skin care and skin care products. I've literally tried everything, everything, with little to no results or even worse, allergic reactions and dry skin. Strolling the other day in the Boulevard Mall I saw that Lush had 50% sales, so I couldn't resist to grab that heavenly smelling face moisturizer, Enzymion, which I tried back in August and loved so much, but found too expensive at 23€ for the 45ml Pot. Luckily I got the last one in the shop! ...and a little bit more.

January 8, 2015

A new year

2015 arrived already and it's simply mindblowing how fast time can pass by. This year I have no concrete resolutions, I really want to spend time with my loved ones and let life surprise me. I happened to start this blog with 2014 resolutions, so I wanted to take the time to review them and see how far I've come.

Learn how to save money. I think I'm getting way better on this one. Ever since I started working, I realized how much money is worth and have been saving at least half of my pay (I still go shopping way too much!)

Be organized and keep it. Big change, the best I've ever had so far! I'm so impressed by how organized I can be. You know that feeling when you have way too many things to do and you do them all and on time? It's like a fresh summer breeze in my face, a huge load off my shoulders. Those are the times I feel like I have a grip on life, and not the other way around.

Eat healthy. I haven't been eating as healthy as I want to, but just eating more fruits has changed my body so much. A few months ago I started drinking 1,5 liters of water every day and i just feel. so. good.

Discover more of who you are and stay true to who you are. I believe I'm on my way to really understanding who I am, what I think, say and do. It's not an easy road, but last year was a major eye-opener as of the things I like in me and in the people that surround me. I'm a firm believer that you have to choose your friends and choose the people that influence you- build relationships of inspiration and not of deprivation. That was my focus last year and will continue to be for a very long time.

Serve others and be humble about it. As much as I'm divided on this subject, I still believe in the goodness in people and I always have a need to see everyone around me on their best shape-- intelectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. But as much as I love helping others, I can't make enough time for everyone. For this year, I'd like to be there for the people I love, make them my priority and of course, give myself some time out.

Work hard to be able to play hard. This one is more than accomplished. I cannot fathom how hard I work and how much stress I feel about my work, but at the end of the months I can see the results, mostly in my closet!

Read a lot. Do Syllabi and technical books count? I haven't read as much as I want, so as of now I've set my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 24 books for 2015, that is, 2 books per month which I should be able to complete. And the props of having a kindle is having the world literature at a black-and-white click!

Ged rid of bad habits. Which included drinking, partying, lying and biting my lower lip in the most savage way. It's all gone! I still need to work on my cellphone and shopping addiction, but we still have more years to come for those ones ;)

As you noticed, I didn't include writing more often in the blog because I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up ;) Uni and work are tough, and this girl has barely time for herself.