October 29, 2014

Autumn (Uni)form

This is basically what I have been wearing everyday for University. Jeans. Sweater. Loafers. Throw in a jacket and a scarf and shut the door behind you: you're already late for your lecture. So have been all these days, specially Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when I have to be from 8 to 5 in campus, either at a lecture, or taking advantage of any free block, and studying or doing homework.

As for me: stressed, haven't slept, underfed, but well dressed! Above all, extremely happy! Everyday I'm falling more in love with civil engineering, and I love having so many inspiring and passionate professors that really put an effort on giving us an integral education.

I'm off to study Chemistry of Materials til my name is Zement.
Have a nice week! xx

Das oben abgebildete Outfit ist was ich mittlerweile jeden Tag zur Uni trage. Dazu kommt meine liebe Barbour-Jacke und ein Schal, und so heißt es ab zur Uni, denn ich bin schon zu spät für die Vorlesung. Besonders am Dienstag und Mittwoch sind meine Tage extrem stressig, da ich um 8 Uhr schon meinen Tag anfange, und erst um 17 Uhr kann ich mich entspannen. Und falls ich keine Vorlesung habe, heißt es entweder lernen oder Hausaufgabe bzw. Hausarbeit schreiben. Essen? Nä, das nimmt einfach zu viel Zeit! Diese Tage bin ich Andy: unter Stress, unterernährt, kaum geschlafen, aber trotz Allem, überglücklich! Jeden Tag liebe ich Bauingenieurwesen mehr und mehr.

Ich wünsche euch eine Tolle Woche! Ich kehre zurück zum Lernen!

October 21, 2014

Uni start!

I am well aware that I've been off the radar this days (weeks?), and that is solely due to the fact that University started and I have to fall back again into the 6am routine. Quick update. After the two exams I had earlier this month (both aced!) I became a visit from my best friend, we enjoyed my last Uni-free days together and most of all we spent time together going out and about Berlin. How I missed this girl!

I've been taking strolls around my neighborhood

Went to a party on the weekend before Uni start

Snapped this Mango cape for 9€ at the local flee market

Braved the rain in pink

But now Uni has started, so back to the nerd mode am I!
I can't describe how excited I am for the weeks to come. I can't wait to be really deep in the topics and achieving a global understanding of everything related to construction and structures. Call me a nerd, but I do love learning new things. I do promise to snap pictures of my Uni outfits, which we all agree is the most difficult task of the day. Is this warm enough? Is this too short or too revealing? Is this appropiate? Am I comfortable enough to spend ten hours outside my house bed? 

What have you been up to lately?

October 3, 2014

Autumn Shopping

Vest // Joule
Pants // Zara
Scarf // Adagio

Sweaters // Clockhouse

I've been focusing my shopping into buying key items that I can combine with everything else in my closet and that will last forever. Since last year, I've been lusting over a puffer vest so badly, I was already giving up on the search, and then I finally found one that doesn't look too sporty or too boring. Joules is becoming one of my favorite brands! Then yesterday I discovered these pullovers in C&A for an impressive 9€ each! I had to get every color! I'm only missing one thing to face the cold weather in peace :)