July 29, 2014

TTT: Counsciousnes

I've been picking on and off philosophic material (currently reading Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder) and instead of thinking about the most difficult questions that man makes himself, I rather go to the most primitive questions that man has asked himself since the dawn of time. What comes after death? Now some of my many realisations is that we cannot think about death without thinking about life, and what ensures us that we're alive? Some of the greatest philosophers have entitled consciousness as a possible answer. Being alive brings with itself a state of consciousness, what we still canot explain the mysteries of the brain. A very good enlightment about consciousness follows.

Back to Uni Musts

This monday my alarm rang at six in the morning: Uni time. Wait, you'll say, doesn't the semester start in October? Yes, yes it does, but my inner nerd called me telling me there was an opportunity to take Linear Algebra and Analysis before the beginning of the winter semester and I couldn't just ignore that. Of course I wasn't sure of this decision, but I applied anyways, telling myself that I'd call it off if I didn't want to, but I'm completely thrilled by it! On the Sunday before the beginning of the Early Bird course I was freaking out. Do I have everything that I need? 

I've drawn up a list of my Semester-Start Musts

Agenda | Paperblanks
Shopper bag | Longchamp
Sticky Notes | Post-it
Watch | Daniel Wellington
Notebook | Ikea
Rainboots | Joules
Jacket | Barbour

Check out outfit cheat-sheet from Carly's blog; preparing for fall has never been simpler!

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July 28, 2014

Easiest smoothie ever

It's hot in Berlin all I want to drink are freezing smoothies. Now I'm no kitchen genius, but one thing I know about it is that you can combine almost all fruits together and get a delicious mix. One of my favorites, and the easiest conmbo eveer, is strawberry-bananas, developed into the easiest summer smoothie ever!

You'll need around 400g strawberries, 2 bananas and 1 cup of water, and the instructions are simple: mix them in a blender until deliciously smooth. You can of course add more water to make it juice-ish, but I like them smoothies thickish.

Serve with ice cubes and chia seeds for an extra healthy kick! Happy summer days!

July 21, 2014

Snapchat stories

I have a certain Apps order in which I post the majority of my pictures. It depends on how often people can see it or who sees it. Snapchat is the place where I post my everyday snaps and sometimes crazy stories like "Makeup with Andy" (which was just a way to tell the world how awful I am at putting makeup on) or cooking recipes that I snapchat live! Truth is, sometimes Snapchat is way more casual and relaxed than Instagram, the pictures are gone after a day and I know exactly who sees my snaps.

I present you today my little Snapchat Story!

Dress via Sheinside

2014-2015 Agenda//Paperblanks Morris Windrush

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July 17, 2014

What happened?

Well hello there! It feels like ages since I've sat myself down, tea in hand and loose wild hair, to read my favorite blogs. I haven't blogged in weeks and I know it, and I wasn't going to admit that without having a couple of excuses under my sleeve.

I've been watching the World Cup!
And now I have PWCD. Post World Cup Depression. What am I supposed to do now? Who do I cheer for? It was honestly so much fun. I remember the first World Cup I ever watched, 2006. Remember that Zidane headshot? Good times. But hell, am I happy that Germany won! They beyond deserved it, although I'm pretty sad that Colombia didn't show what they were capable of (Russia 2018, expect us.)

I've been working
I got a job this month at a hotel in Ku'Damm and it's kinda cool, kinda meh. It's a minijob, 450€ a month which is pretty great, but it's a lot of work. Besides I'm not sure if my back can take it. By the way, I'm working until Sunday, so wish me luck!

I've been shopping
I don't have a whole new wardrobe but I do have a couple things I like and some I don't like so much. Plus, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect everyday black sneakers for my roomie.

Some of my finds,

Kinda cute Fossil bag in TkMaxx

Le colorful sneakers in JD

To die for! This skort has the J Crew print I so love, sadly they were horribly cut. Well it was Primark, what was I expecting *insert laughing emoticon*

And now I'm off to sleep because tomorrow the alarm goes off at 5:30! Goodnight!

July 3, 2014

Sy: Sushi am Wilmersdorfer Straße

Mango Lassi

Veggie Inside Outs + Avocado Makis

Caught photoblogging

A couple of days ago my roomie and I went out to have some sushi in out favorite restaurant: Sy. Undoubtedly, sushi is one of my favorite foods in the world, and I love trying around new restaurants that might offer anything more interesting than simple veggie makis (see Heidelberg). However, not every restaurant aces the spicing up of veggie entries, so if you know of one, please do let me know!
For now, I'll stick to my regular veggie menu at Sy. You can find them in the Kantstraße 54,10627 Berlin.

Vor ein Paar tage war ich mit meiner Mitbewohnerin beim Sushi essen in unserem Lieblingrestaurant Sy. Ganz klar ist, Sushi ist eins von meinen Lieblingsessen, und ich liebe immer verschiedene Restaurants zu probieren um zu gucken, ob sie etwas anders als das normale Veggie Sushi anbieten, aber leider schaffen sie es nicht, das Veggie Menü zu "gewürzen" (Wie in Heidelberg). Wenn ihr ein Sushirestaurant kennt, bitte melde dich!
Bisher, bleibe ich bei meinem Regulär in Sy. Sie sind auf der Kantstraße 54, 10627 Berlin.