May 26, 2015

Easy studying

A little mirror selfie never killed nobody
Vest // Joules. Shirts // H&M, Gina Tricot. Jeans // Zara. Shoes // Zara

May 15, 2015

Get Back On

Hi guys!
Coordinating studies, work, the very little social life I have left and writing on the blog is quite difficult, and I beg your pardons for not being consistent. As for lately, I've been super busy in the Uni, working all holidays and trying to see my friends in the week, but I does not always succeed in doing all of those. Today I skipped one lecture and snapped my outfit of the day. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Shirt Calvin Klein // Jeans Zara // Trench coat Esprit // Shoes Deichmann // Necklace Primark