March 27, 2014

Quick fashion post

Ok this is becoming an habit! Today I didn't go to classes in the morning because I was truly exhausted, so I took the morning to myself: sleeping. It was much needed! At 12 ran some errands and now as I'm writing this I'm loading all my recovered files (YES!) to my Dropbox account and some things to my Google Drive. Please let this be an opportunity to shout out my love to Google, I love that they track every single thing I type on my Search Bar, from everywhere! See why: I was going to a meeting and left the little memo where I wrote the address at home. Terrible mistake! I only remembered the bus station where I had to get off at and the street and I only had 10 minutes until the accorded time! I went through my history and bam! there it was. So big thanks to Google! Besides, they backed up all the pictures I've taken with my phone ever since I got it, so no lost pictures! Being tracked is not that bad after all.

Shirt//Forever21  Jeans//Mango  Jacket//BKul (CO) Shoes//Buffalo

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