March 30, 2014


Today I want to talk about technology and how it has a huge role in my life. I know it's not the most favorite subject, but it's important to talk about it since we manage everything with the help of technology.

A few weeks ago my computer all of a sudden didn't want to start. I thought to myself well it happens sometimes, so I restarted it, thinking the problem would solve itself. Windows still didn't want to start. I panicked and wrote my dad immedeately. He gave me a few instructions to see if my computer would respond but it didn't and I panicked. I started thinking about the things that I'd loose if my computer crashed: important documents, my favorite songs straight out of the original CD's, and literally thousands of pictures. By this time I don't even count the pictures, I measure them by Gigabytes.

Thankfully my roomie is very well acquainted with one of our neighbors, who happens to be the best computer cracker ever. I handed him my computer for some weeks and after extensive work, he found a way to recover all my data! You have no idea how I relaxed after hearing those good news. I definitely don't ever want to have to go through something like that again! That's why as of right now I'm making sure that I always have a backup in some cloud.

I cannot stop recommending Dropbox as your main storage place. They have a minimalistic design and give you the tools you need to safely store your important data. Besides, I've read their Terms and Conditions (I know I must not be the only one) and they're truly a fair company with a lot of advantages. For example, I have 52GB available for storage, all for free!

Google Drive
If you're using Gmail, you should know that you can save everything you receive in your Google Drive instead of downloading it to your computer. That way you have all your documents online and you can open them everywhere, everytime.

I swear OneNote is the best program out there. It's having an utterly organized memopad with infinite pages. The plot twister: There's no save button. It automatically saves and syncs with your OneDrive account. What more could you ask for? 

So girls and boys, don't ever go through the pain of having to lose anything. Clouds are the next big thing! Have a lovely week!


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