March 24, 2014

The perfect wardrobe

Some days ago I was checking my bloglovin newsletter and one post from Into Mind caught my attention: How to Build the Perfect Wardrobe: 10 Basic Principles. Since I came to Germany I've been struggling to find myself, what I love, what I believe, what I want to do and how I want to do it. Among those is my fashion style, and it hasn't always been the same. As I was younger I was just wearing what worked and was weather-appropiate. See, when you live in the northernmost part of Colombia, it can be up to 40°C... everyday. So I'd basically wear shorts and light shirts all the time. Then there was the time where I started to dress like everyone else to "fit in". 

I've come a long way since then. As I came to Germany I had to adjust to seasons, to really mind the ever-changing weather and dress accordingly, and ended up developing my own fashion style, which is really a mixture of nautical prep with polished fashionista. I can't deny that some blogs have influenced my style, like The College Prepster or FashionHippieLoves, but I've certainly never felt so good about my style and so confident. I express myself with the way I dress and it gives me that extra boost even on the days where I'm feeling horrible. Team Positivity!

So enough with the throwback, I'll share with you this amazing post that definitely made me take a look at my closet and reevaluate all my pieces.

 I personally think that the most important are Quality over Quantity, Comfort and Versatility. Do you agree with these principles? Would you add some more?

Here is the link for the complete post. Enjoy!


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