June 8, 2014

Vacation To-Do List

This summer I'm not going to Colombia, instead I'm planning to go next year to escape the winter blues and be able to experience a summer in Germany. So here's where my heart parts in two: I want to travel through europe and see so much places, and then I want to stay in Berlin and actually study (hello Early Bird) and work a little bit, and read, and swim by the lake. So I kinda need to sit down and wonder what this summer's gonna be.

1. To-Read List
List-ception! I happen to get very distracted when I read and that's why I stop reading when I have to study intensely. I may still read blogs and reviews, but nothing longer than 10 pages, because then I get really really into it and stop everything just to read. I read Twilight in 8 hours. That's how bad it is. So, Summer will be the time to catch up in all my reading. Some of the books on my To-Read List are: the A Song of Ice and Fire books, The fault in our stars - John Green, Americanah - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens

2. Coursera
I enrolled on this course for the summer because it's one of the things that I've always liked: old stories that illustrate the human nature.

3. Google Drive
I recently did a Backup and I can't tell you how much I hate to have unfiled documents, pictures, videos, etc! I vow to sit and sort it all out until all 50.000 items are in their corresponding folders.

4. Prepare for Uni
This means take some textbooks out of the library and go through them, attend the Early Bird course (I know I'm crazy, but I'm doing this for my vacations and peace of mind during the semester) and watch some videos in Khan Academy (they are the best!)

5. Job + Preinternship (?)
Ok I need a job. Babysitting is not regular enough, and I'm facing more and more expenses as I settle for good in Germany. So I'm gonna have to find a way to feed my Magic Card. Plus, I want to do a pre-internship to add some bonus to my uni-knowledge. I kinda need to work on that too, I've been looking for one since January but it seems that all vacants are taken.

Of course I have many other things to do like do a Summer cleaning spree and host friends coming over and go around Germany a bit, but those are not so important ;)

Have a nice weekend! xx

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  1. I use summer to catch up on reading as well! I keep a complete reading list on my blog's homepage haha #nerdstatus

    Rachel @ makeshiftmunch.blogspot.com