June 9, 2014

Summer Rolls

I learned this recipe from one of my roomie's vietnamese friend. They are so delicious and healthy, it's not even be real. And beside, it's super easy and fast to do. You can also have it "regular" with schrimps.

I couldn't help but eat them right away!

You'll need cellophane noodles, rice paper, thai basil, coriander and whichever lettuce you prefer (I go with romana). Prepare the noodles according to instructions, moist the rice paper with warm water without breaking it (it can be pretty easy), put it in a dish and add the herbs and noodles. Then just roll everything together, folding in the outer parts of the rice paper. It's super easy and delicious.

I love it dipped in Hoi Sin Sauce with crushed peanuts.


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