May 17, 2014


I've always struggled with saving money. When I was a kid, I'd always spent money on sweets and food, and I could never save money for the things that I really wanted, like this bag or that mp3. Soon enough I learned not to "eat all my money up" and to save it for things that will last me at least a year. Coming to Germany and separating myself from my parents taught me the value of money, for I often had to decide what I'm buying, how much I'm paying for that, how much I still have left for this month, and so on. Luckily I'm not struggling with my finances, specially now in the University: german university tuitions are next to nothing and the quality of education is excellent. Along with the rests of my monthly allowance, I've been working on and off as a babysitter and I've been saving up! Something I never thought I could do.

Then the question arises. Why am I saving up? What's the purpose of this money? Some things come straight into my mind...

Quality clothes
If suddenly I lost my reason, I'd go straight to Ku'Damm and buy my life away in quality clothes: all types of dresses, shoes, shirts... I'd go mad! Actually, I consider shopping my therapy: everytime I feel down, I grab my wallet, comfortable shoes and I head straight to the shops. Sometimes I find nothing, sometimes I find treasures, but most of all I relax and enjoy walking in and out of stores.

Louis Vuitton is the synonym of effortles elegance. This Speedy 30 is the one bag I always have in mind, and I'm determined to own one when the time comes. Of course, the time is not now (I think).

GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition
Nothing makes me more happy than to take pictures and make memories. I love flipping through my pictures and remembering. My Nikon D5100 is a bit heavy, but a GoPro would be the ideal camera to take with yourself on a trip and specially on extreme situations, like...

Skiing in the Alps
I've been in Germany for two winters and I haven't even iceskated! As a summerborn, I never though of snow, never did any snowsports, didn't even think about the mountains! Life was the beach and sun. Now I find myself wanting to go on Skiing vacations so bad! (of course, with the GoPro.)

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What do you spend your saved money on?

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