May 16, 2014


Its's Friday and I actually survived this finals week! Of course I did break out in the middle of Analysis class while doing an assignment that the teacher classified as "too easy", but at least the first part is over.

For those of you who don't know what I'm doing in the TU Berlin, it's called the Studienkolleg, a preparatory course (1 year) for foreign students whose high school diploma doesn't exactly fulfill the german Abitur, and want to get into german Universities. We do some sort of mix between Abitur and 1. Semester of the course we're taking. In my case, I'm doing the Technical course in which I have to learn first semester of mechanics, but high school chemistry. So it's kind of in between. Additionally we have german classes to be able to have better writing skills and understand texts in high-german. 

This weekend it's all about studying and relaxing for my Analysis test, the one I'm dead nervous about. I had full marks on the last test (yay Andy!) and I don't want to lower my grade with this examn so that I can relax in my Feststellungsprüfung, the big big exam that will determine my future.

This is how my days look like

Now tips on Finals Week

Get enoughh sleep
If I sleep less than eight hours a night, I can't function properly in the day. I need my blinds completely shut, my sleep mask and enough sleep to be able to concentrate in class.

One day before my german test, I decided to edit my brother's 30 page travel log in terms of gramatic. I was done in four hours or so, but every minute I have is precious study time! Currently I'm not ready any book or doing any of my little projects because I want to concentrate in my tests. Although I haven't stopped watching Game of Thrones. GoT is out of the question.

Eat well
Your most important meal should be your breakfast. I usually eat cereal with jogurt and chopped fruits (strawberry is the fruit of the season), a cup of black coffee and a small glass of orange juice. Jogurt really fills with stomach so that I can make it until 11:00 and the coffee + OJ give me the energy I need. I usually take my time having breakfast, eating slow and chewing well, that's about 20 minutes. In the mean time I check e-mails and instagrams and chat with my roomie.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

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