May 23, 2014

A happy call

Something very odd and very funny happened today while I was in the VW Bibliothek studying for my Analysis test. See, I've been taking this test more than serious and I've been breaking my neck in the most absurd ways trying to really understand this in order to get the best grade possible and relax in the upcoming finals (which are ten times worse than these).

So, the story! A guy from my current mobile company called in to offer me a contract because I've been such a good client over this year and a half (yay Andy!) I politely declined, stating that I do not want a 2-year contract because I don't want to have any debts in Germany if I decide to return to Colombia (this is me being super precaucious, I might take it later on) I told him exactly this and what happened next surprised me.

He asked me where I was from, since I told him my reasons not to make a contract, I told him my story of how I came to Germany, and he was all too fascinated by my german and he told me he was from Kenia and his country was very much different from Germany and we found some common grounds between both our homelands. And so on, we talked about the weather in Germany and in our countries, the cultural differences, the music, the people. All of this in the middle of a do-you-want-a-contract conversation. It was such a fun break from studying.

It made my day. It made me realize there's time for fun and games. So don't take everyday too seriously, just serious enough.


  1. aw that's so sweet! i love when customer service representatives are super friendly. in australia i noticed that everyone is nice on the phone. it's much different over here in the united states, although i think a lot of companies are working to improve this (i.e. Apple is really good!)... also, that's so cool that you're from colombia; i hope to visit south america one day! i just need to work on my spanish. it's veryyyy rusty right now.
    xx ani

  2. You can't imagine how freaked out I was when I was hearing him actually making small talk with me, because I'm not used to that kind of friendliness in Germany, but it was all too funny! South America is great! You should totally come sometime, it is an adventure. I've never been to the States, but I definitely want to go to Maine, Rhode Island and Boston. I've seen too much of that preppy-people-boats-and-pretty-lakes that I want to witness it with my own eyes.