April 28, 2014

Heaven café

Last friday my mother was frantic to take me to this café in Heppenheim and I couldn't understand why she was so hectic but as soon as we stepped into the café, I got it. This is the most beautiful café I've ever been in, called Muse Chocolat. The decoration is the cutest thing ever, I'm guessing french renaissance? Well I'm no architectural genius, but exactly this is how I picture my future house.


And the food was simply art. You kinda stare at it for a while admiring the work that has been put into it.


 There's an open kitchen on the ground floor and you can take a look at the kitchen action while waiting for your dish.

Who wouldn't fall in love with this place? 

If you're ever in Heppenheim, I strongly recommend you to have brunch there, it's most picturesque and lovely. It's located in the Altstadt

Marktstr. 4, 64646 Heppenheim.


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