September 20, 2014


I might be the most disorganized and catastrophic person on earth, and heaven knows how much I've tried. But I seem to be selectively forgetful of the things that I really do need to remember! I leave doors open, I forget what I wanted to do as soon as I step on the room I waas going to, and most of all I consciously evade picking up the mess after I'm done going through my stuff, or my fridge, or the living room. I've put myself the task of really taking my time to be organized.

I recently added the 2x2 Kallax to my room to finally make more space on my work table and it has been such a life saver! Specially because I get to put all my binders away, which were clouding up my space. I still have to brainstorm how to decorate the upper part, where I only have photos of my family and friends. All ideas are welcome!

See how I draw little boxes next to the things I need to accomplish? There's nothing better than the feeling of crossing something out or putting a check next to it, so I used this as a motivation to get everything done! I have a long night ahead of me!

How do you organize yourself?


  1. So organized, I love this! The Barry the Platypus definitely completes the look ;)

    Also, I brainstormed a few things to potentially put on top of your cube:
    1. flowers - preferably real, but fake would do too because they're less needy
    2. a goldfish - real or fake... same logic as the flowers
    3. an alarm clock - like this one from anthropologie
    4. a globe - to show that you're worldly and well-traveled
    5. jewelry display - pretty AND functional. you can't go wrong!

    ...and if all else fails, i'm sure pinterest will have an idea or two

    1. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I'M DOING! Thanks so much for the ideas!!!!!! :D :D :D