August 13, 2014

Uni outfits

Shirt | Zara
Jeans | Zara
Cardigan | H&M
Belt | Mango
Flats | H&M

Shirt | H&M
Jeans | Zara
Flats | Zara
Belt | Mango
Bag | Longchamp

Summer's over, and its end serves as entrance to the most marvellous time of the year: autumn. The falling leaves, the yellow and red roads... it's like a second spring, but better! Looking at the forecast for this week, it seems that jeans are strictly required from now on (goodbye summer shorts!). This might be an unpopular opinion, but I can't wait for the leaves to fall and the winds to turn cold. Pullovers and knit are the most comfortable pieces ever! Although I'm a summer kid, having known only summer for 18 years, I must say I'm slowly falling in love with the cold weathers.

My weekdays are uni all day (and all night too for that's all I think about) and weekeds at work. There's no rest for poor Andy! The only way to get me through is to sleep early and pray every night "Work hard, play harder."

Currently reading: Emma by Jane Austen

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