August 25, 2014

Favorite Instagrammers

Lately I haven't had any time for anything. Between university and work, I can hardly find any time to meet with friends or even have a relaxed dinner with my roomie. Days fly through and all I see myself do is write more and more appointments on my agenda for the upcoming months, which I know will come in the blink of an eye. On Saturday I recieved the letter of acceptancce from the Technical University of Berlin (yay me!) for Civil Engineering, so it's official! Then I realized that I have to do a thousand things before certain due dates in order to be fully enrolled at the Uni, which could only mean very little sleep and a lot of stress. So I'm asking myself, how am I employing my time?

First of all, mornings are the most important ritual for me. I get up one hour earlier than what I usually need to get ready because I love to have slow mornings in which I can slowly sip my coffee and eat breakfast without almost choking on the Müsli because I'd be late. Mornings are the key. That's why I try to look at my phone as little as possible: because once I open Instagram, I won't stop for at least 20 minutes which will not come back. However, lately I've been so detached from my phone and social media, that I feel like I need an inspiration kick.

Here are some of my favorite Instagram Accounts, for those of you missing some inspo source. Have a lovely week!

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