August 22, 2014

An afternoon at the Berlin Zoo

I finally get a break from the University! In order to write a test, we have to gather at least 50% in our homework marks, which we did, so we can now finally relax a little bit about the hustle of turning in homework every day. 

My days have been pretty much the same: wake up at 6 am, have a slow morning (I love those), go to the lecture from 9 until 11, have lunch and do a little bit of homework, and then come back home to study a little bit more and maybe cook some with friends. On the weekends, the job is calling, both Saturday and Sunday.

I had friends over this week vising around in Berlin. I was not able to join them in their Berlin tour, which was most wonderful including museums and musicals, but I did manage to fit a visit to the Zoo on Monday. Actually, this was my first Zoo visit as an adult. I remember going to a Zoo in Colombia when I was around eight years old, but I do not really recall all the details. Just the elephants!

This will probably one of the two times in my adult life in which I'll go to a zoo, for I do not support the caging of animals. I enjoyed my time in there, but I the space was way too small, specially for the big predators like the lion/lioness cage and the jaguar cages.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Have a lovely weekend!

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