July 29, 2014

Back to Uni Musts

This monday my alarm rang at six in the morning: Uni time. Wait, you'll say, doesn't the semester start in October? Yes, yes it does, but my inner nerd called me telling me there was an opportunity to take Linear Algebra and Analysis before the beginning of the winter semester and I couldn't just ignore that. Of course I wasn't sure of this decision, but I applied anyways, telling myself that I'd call it off if I didn't want to, but I'm completely thrilled by it! On the Sunday before the beginning of the Early Bird course I was freaking out. Do I have everything that I need? 

I've drawn up a list of my Semester-Start Musts

Agenda | Paperblanks
Shopper bag | Longchamp
Sticky Notes | Post-it
Watch | Daniel Wellington
Notebook | Ikea
Rainboots | Joules
Jacket | Barbour

Check out outfit cheat-sheet from Carly's blog; preparing for fall has never been simpler!

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  1. Rainboots were definitely a must for me in college.