June 23, 2014

Movie Time

There's nothing I love more than having movie marathons or movie cycles. In my hometown we'd have something called CinemaArt (roughly translated) in which movie cycles would be shown every Thursday. I loved it and religiously went every week until for unknown reasons, it stopped. Ever since (and with the discovery of movie4k) I've been having cycles on my own and/or with friends. In that case, StumbleUpon kindly shows me endless lists that make me want to grab 80 bags of popcorn and sit through the whole night watching them all. This time I stumbled upon a list of psychological thrillers (in spanish) but I'll gladly translate.

10 Movies So Complicated They'll Make Your Head Explode

Mulholland Dr. - Tree of Life - Solaris (1972)

Never seen: 2001: Space Odyssey
Excited about: Tree of Life
Will gladly repeat: Fight Club, Donnie Darko

Do you guys have any movie you might add? 
I'd add Sucker Punch. I never got that movie, nor I think I will.

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