May 29, 2014

Summer can come

My balcony is summer-ready. I've been waiting for the moment in which we could have breakfast in our balcony in the sunniest morning, and those days have come.


Update: My roomie (Miri) and I decided to spice things up in the balcony, so now it looks like this.
What do you think, was it better before or after?

Leave a comment with your opinion, we'd very much like to know :)



  1. this is so great! i love the new look; the colors are so fun, and you made really good use of a small space. the couch looks like a perfect place to read or blog on lazy summer afternoons.
    and can i just say... yum! european breakfasts are the best... everything looks so fresh and delicious. and omg your cat is adorableee.

  2. Thank you :) We're really happy with the result and the couch has been the best idea ever!