May 10, 2014

Deo's and health

I just ran out of my current deodorant and I was just looking for my emergency deo's when I came across two of them: one with Aluminium Chlorohydrate and the other one without it. That situation right there got me to stop and think about the consequences of something so little as to put deodorant with or without Aluminium.
I made a quick search in Google Scholar (which leads you to scientific publications and patents, the real deal, but you can't read more than the abstract else you have to pay) and the first two articles I found where all about how antiperspirant and aluminium-based deo's lead to breast cancer and heart problems.

I'm definitely sticking to my 100% natural Deo, and I recommend all girls to consider changing to an aluminium free deo, to prevent any kind of risk of suffering from breast cancer.

An aller deutschen Leserinnen. Ich benutze ein Alu freies Deo, welches in DM gefunden werden kann. Es hat einen angenehmer Duft, aber hat ein bisschen Alkohol, was nicht ratsam ist für die die Alkohol empfindlich sind.


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