February 27, 2014

Vegan "Meat" balls

Starting September of 2013 I decided to become vegetarian and three weeks later I said to myself, well if I'm making this vegetarian thing, I might as well go vegan and try that out. I lasted only four months. I couldn't do it anymore as I was already going anemic because I lacked iron on my blood. It doesn't mean that veganism is bad, I just couldn't keep a it in a healthy way, besides I was so stressed in the university that I just couldn't keep up. So I switched to vegetarian again. However, sometimes I do have full vegan meals because I don't feel like eating any diary. So here's a recipe for some vegan/vegetarian meatballs out of green lentils! Sorry for the pictures, they were taken with my phone ;)


1. Cook the lentils for around 30 minutes. You kinda have to go with your gut here, I'd say 2 cups of water for 1 cup of lentils.

2. Make a paste out of the lentils, a chopped onion, some oregano, salt and pepper.

3. Make little balls with flour (they give them shape). This part will be real messy. You'll get lentil paste all over your hands and get so angry because everything sticks to your hand, but believe me when I say, just add flour. At the end they do look a lot like meat!

I accompanied it with Quinoa and Arrabiata sauce. I bought my lentils in Euro Gyda, at the basement of the Wilmersdorfer Arkaden. I love to buy grains in this place, there's just so much variety!

Hope you have a great weekend! xx

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