January 11, 2014

The Beginning

One of my constant hobbies through the years has been blog surfing, all kinds of blogs. From tumblr to wordpress, I love following blogs and keeping out with them, although I've never been able to start a blog myself. Here's to 2014, finally pushing through and starting a blog.

The first thing that I urgently need to do for 2014 is to organize myself (Agenda!!!), get a workspace and set my mind to accomplish all the goals I've proposed for this year.


Learn how to save money

Be organized and keep at it

Go to the gym regularly

Eat healthy

Discover more and more who you are
Stay true to who you are

Serve others and be humble about it

Work hard to be able to play hard

Read a lot (Goodreads)

Get rid of bad habits

As for who I am? I'm Andy, nice to meet you, and thanks for reading! xo

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